Storm Proofing

Waterproofing King storm proofing

Increase the value of your property and storm proof your home with a Total Roof Restoration.
Got Roofing Problems or Waterproofing problems?
Don’t contact anyone about restoring, replacing, or repairing your roof until you read these shocking facts…

  1. Up to 50% of roofing jobs carried out by roof restoration companies don’t solve the problem that the home owner had originally engaged the company to solve!
  2. Up to 20% of roof replacements are faulty, with many leaking in the first big storm.
  3. Over 30% of roof repairs don’t fix the original problem that the home owner had asked the company to fix.

The waterproofing and roof restoration industry is, unfortunately, flooded with companies and tradespeople who are only interested in selling you a roof restoration or new roof, without giving any attention to what the roof actually needs.

Don’t waste your money engaging just anyone to solve your roofing problem. You need a company who pays painstaking attention to detail, gives outstanding customer service, and is focused on solving your problem.

Our reputation is on your building.

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Waterproofing King storm proofing


Waterproofing King storm proofing

About Waterproofing King

Waterproofing & Roof Restoration Specialists. Waterproofing King consistently provided the highest quality of workmanship, products and customer service to homeowners. With satisfied customers our collective knowledge on waterproofing and roof restoration mean we are uniquely qualified to be able to provide the expertise, quality of product and experience of a large company with the individual customer service and attention to detail of a small family owned company. Our customers deserve value for money and should rest in the knowledge that they are dealing with professionals who, take pride in their work and treat there, customers properties with care and respect. All installations are done under qualified supervision and we cater for both residential and commercial needs. Regardless of your needs, ranging from minor roofing or waterproofing repairs our values and commitment remains consistent for all our clients.