Tile Roof Coating and Waterproofing

Recommendations for Tile Roof Coating and Waterproofing

Step1: Replace all cracked and broken roof tiles, even tiles with hair line cracks are replaced.

Step2: Hydro-wash the entire roof clean with a high pressure water blaster removing all mould and lichen, remove all dirt and strip much of the existing surface clean.

Step3: Remove ridge caps and re-bed if required, repoint the entire roof ridging with a flexible sabs approved pointing mortar.

Step4: Seal all side walls flashings and around chimneys.

Step5: Fill the valleys up with cement mortar, level with the roof tiles, after the cement is dry, seal the valleys with a stitch bonded polyester and waterproofing compound. This keeps the water out and stops the valleys from blocking with leafs and hail causing the water to overflow back over the valley iron.

Step6: Apply sealer coat to the entire roof.

Step7: Apply 2 or more acrylic roof paint to the roof, paint is applied with an airless machine.

Step8: Quality control inspection.

About the product: All products are top quality SABS approved products.

Tile Roof Coating