Torch-on Waterproofing for IBR and Corrugated steel roofs

Recommendations for IBR and Corrugated steel roofs with Torch-on Waterproofing

Step1: Prepare and clean the area.

Step2: Fasten sheeting to structure.

Step3: A support board is laid over the metal sheeting offering added strength to system and at solid support for 4mm torch-on waterproofing application. This change the metal profile to look like a flat concrete roof. Support board is mechanical fixed to existing metal roof sheeting with 100mm screws. A 25mm moulded polystyrene insulated panel on top of metal roof sheeting, should you need insulation offering 20% cooler in summer and maintain temperature in winter.

Step4: Cutback overhang of metal roof sheeting at the gutter and fit a metal flashing into gutter junction.

Step5: Burn a new 4mm dual reinforced torch-on waterproofing membrane over the roof with the waterproofing lapping up the side of walls or on top of parapet walls.

Step6: Coat the roof with UV protective silver coating to protect new waterproofing.

About the product: this system is applied by means of torch-on fusion gas weld application method. With 80mm overlaps & 100mm cross laps. This torch on is designed around tough high performance synthetic fiber reinforcement and coated with quality polymer modified bitumen. It is extremely durable with high elasticity and good low temperature stability as well as having excellent resistance to thermal shock, and the effect of ageing and UV degradation.

Torch-on Waterproofing

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